/: Southern Planation Life :/

Plantion Owner:

    It’s 1725 I watching my worker (slaves) working. I know other owner are happy to have slaves….but I don’t. I don’t have enough money to pay thems well because of taxes. I try to be nice but people are watching I give them good food to survive. My planation look great thanks to them but I wish I can do something. I want to help them escape but if I do they go after them. So I try to give them as many breaks like 4or 5 but when they visit 2 or 3. I trying to be the best owner but it hard when people are watching….I wish I can say sorry…but I can’t!!! I know one day they be free I just hope they think Im a good owner without me telling them…Thank you guys for your hard work and I know you will get what you want one day. :”)


Slave :

    It 1727, I work for a rich family that makes me  work everyday and sometimes night. This was my 3rd time going to another owner but I hope it my last. This field is large to grow and water! I wish to have a break fro my hard work but no!!! I work in the sun everyday that my mom doesnt even reconize me that much cause I darker. WORKING IN THE SUN IS VERY VERY HOT!!! CAN I AT LEAST HAVE SOMETHING TO DRINK!!! I starving and my family too if I take a small break they yell at me and if I refused they whip me…it hurts alot. Why can’t they see that were PEOPLE too, we have emotion and feelings, and we have a life too…..but my life….my life right now is working for the rich people on their planation…earning little money. I wish this nightmare is over… we all want it to be over. I WANT TO BE FREE!!!

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  1. I liked your story but I agree with Noor. I don’t think slaves get paid. If they did get paid they woukd get paid with food and water. But the rest was really good nice job. 🙂

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